What documents/payments do I need to produce in the submission of ordinary membership application?

Completed membership application form with signatures from 2 existing members of Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK) as sponsors can be emailed to membership@shhk.com.sg or submitted in person at SHHK office (5 Sennett Road Singapore 466781), accompanied with the following:

  1. Colour copy of your Singapore Birth Certificate (for verification of paternal dialect group)
  2. Colour copies of Singapore Citizenship Certificate, Deed Poll or any other relevant official document(s), if any, as proof of citizenship, identity and native place.
  3. Colour copy of the birth certificate of child(ren) if there is intention to apply for Phase 2B recommendation in the MOE Primary One Registration Exercise.
  4. Original documents of (1) to (3) for verification during submission.
  5. Original Singapore NRIC must be produced for verification during submission.
  6. Payment of $720 (non-refundable); $600 being a one-time entrance fee, and $120 being subscription that covers a 5-year term.
    Cheque is to be made payable to “SINGAPORE HOKKIEN HUAY KUAN”.
    Details for bank transfer and PayNow will be provided during submission of application.
  7. Please access the Checklist for Application for other documents required.

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