Huat Kueh Boy WhatsApp Stickers


In commemoration of Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan 180th Anniversary, two sets of WhatsApp stickers with “Huat Kueh Boy” (Hokkien steamed cake) as the main character were created. “Huat” (发) means to prosper or to amass great fortune in southern Fujian dialect, and is the name of a steam cake made from flour, eggs, brown sugar and baking powder.

The first set of stickers depicts commonly known Singlish phrases like “Paiseh” (pardon me), “Bo Jio” (did not invite), “Ho Say” (good on you) which originated from southern Fujian dialect and had been integrated into everyday use by Singaporeans.

The second set of stickers addresses the recent COVID-19 public health crisis and pays homage to frontline healthcare workers through expressions like “You Ni Zhen Hao” (good to have you), “Xin Ku Le” (thanks for your hard work), “Jiayou Jiayou” (you can do it!). Members are also reminded to “Yong Fei Zao Xi Shou” (wash hands with soap), “Duo He Shui” (drink more water), “Hao Hao Xiu Xi” (rest well) to stay strong and healthy.

How to Download?

For Android users:

Download the Huat Kueh Boy Stickers app on Google Play:

For iOS users:

1. Download 五色學倉頡 ONLINE app from App Store using keyword search “Kotech” or via link:五色學倉頡-online/id382024751

2. After installing the app, tap the following links to access the two sticker packs:

Huat Kueh Boy (

Huat Kueh Boy 2 (

3. At the webpage, scroll down and tap “Add to iPhone”.
4. Tap “Open” when prompted to open via the 五色學倉頡 ONLINE app.
5. Tap “Save” to add the sticker pack to WhatsApp.

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