The Singapore Hokkien Festival Returns to Telok Ayer Street this December

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1️⃣ First since 1992 – Three remaining artefacts from the 1827 Heng San Teng will come together for the first time since the 1992 massive fire that destroyed the temple
2️⃣ Second look at Hokkien culture – You think you knew Hokkien culture, think again! Exciting line-up of more than 20 local Chinese and Hokkien cultural performances across three days and Hokkien live concerts on two consecutive nights
3️⃣ Three highlights of Hokkien Food Galore – Authentic, flavourful, rare and lesser-known Hokkien food will be presented by 14 local Fujian-related clan associations

The Singapore Hokkien Festival (SHF) will be held from 2 to 4 Dec 2022 at the 137 Telok Ayer Street Plaza, directly opposite Thian Hock Keng temple. Organised by Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan and supported by Min Clans, Affiliated Schools and Subsidiaries, the 3-day event, themed “Being Hokkien: Heritage · Culture · Food”, will include an Artefact Exhibition, local Chinese and Hokkien Cultural Performance, and the all-time favourite Hokkien Food Galore.

Into its 7th edition, the Singapore Hokkien Festival aims to promote better understanding and appreciation of local Chinese and Hokkien cultures to fellow Singaporeans, residents and visitors.

Mr Thomas Chua, President of Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan, said, “Hokkien Huay Kuan champions the preservation and promotion of Hokkien culture and this biennial Hokkien Festival is one of the major platforms for us to reach out and share the diverse and rich cultures of the local Hokkien community. We are really excited to present a fresh look at the Hokkien culture across visual, musical and gastronomical realms, and we hope visitors can join us in appreciating the rich and multifaceted Hokkien culture.”

Artefact Exhibition

History buffs will be in for a treat. The remaining three artefacts from Heng San Teng – Heng San Teng couplet, wooden plaque and Tua Pek Kong statue – will be on public showcase for the first time after a massive fire razed the temple to the ground in 1992. Most notably the Heng San Teng couplet, which was assumed to have been destroyed in the fire 30 years ago, was donated to Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan by a Singaporean American optometrist, who bought the couplets from a second-hand artefact dealer in the late 70s. The couplet returned to Singapore shores earlier in April this year. Be sure to catch a glimpse of these artefacts and find out the stories behind them.

In a bid to elevate visitor experience, the team at Thian Hock Keng had developed a dedicated web app. Visitors to the temple can look forward to learn more about this centuries-old national monument via their mobile devices at their fingertips. Guest-of-Honour Mr Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, will launch the Thian Hock Keng web app during the Singapore Hokkien Festival’s opening ceremony.

Cultural Performance

A myriad of performances showcasing the diversity of the Hokkien culture awaits all arts and culture enthusiasts. Prepared to be enthralled by Hokkien-related wushu, puppetry, opera, ensemble and orchestra, presented in partnership with Fujian-related clan associations, with an emphasis in interactivity and hands-on audience experience. A Heng San Teng Seminar will also be held on Friday afternoon (2 Dec), to share the long-forgotten tale of the one of the most important Hokkien temple in the history of Singapore. In addition, parents or grandparents and child are welcomed to sign up for interactive colouring and drawing workshop by local illustrator Kuan Eng. Pre-registration is required and interested public may sign up via for the workshop and via for the Heng San Teng Seminar.

And when the night falls on Fri and Sat evening, festival visitors can busk themselves in familiar and melodious Hokkien tunes by Xinyao veteran Hong Shao Xuan, local group Lim Tay Peng, budding singer-songwriter Laura Low and YouTube sensation Tristan H. Kicking off at 7:30pm, the live concert will be hosted by veteran radio deejay Desmond Lim (Youfa) for good old light-hearted humour. The first concert on Friday night (2 Dec) will be streamed live via Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Facebook page.

Hokkien Food Galore

Nothing brings people together like good food. This year, a whopping 14 Fujian-related clan associations will be joining hands and whipping up their very own, unique specialty dishes to tickle tastebuds. The clans will be presenting familiar but authentically prepared Hokkien favourites such as oyster mee sua, braised pork belly buns, prawn rolls as well as lesser-known yet tantalising dishes like Putien mixed noodles, fried Nan’an sweet potato noodles, Fuzhou rice cakes and Hokkien yam porridge.

The 14 clans are: Amoy Association, Ann Kway Association, Bukit Panjang Hokkien Konghuay, Chin Kang Huay Kuan, Eng Choon Hway Kuan, Eng Teng Association, Foochow Association, Hin Ann Huay Kwan, Ho San Kong Hoey, Hokkien Huay Kuan, Kim Mui Hoey Kuan, Lam Ann Association, Puxian (Hinghwa) Network and Tung Ann District Guild.

On top of the savoury dishes, visitors can also bring home a taste of Hokkien such as Heng Hua bee hoon, Ann Kway tea leaves and Kim Mui peanut candies to name a few, for family members and friends. All proceeds will go to supporting the clan associations and their philanthropic efforts.

Members of the public can now pre-order food items here for collection from 2 to 4 Dec 2022 at the SHF: .

Please refer to the annexes for more details:
Annex A – List of Artefacts on Exhibit
Annex B – Schedule of Cultural Performance
Annex C – List of Hokkien Food and Specialties

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